Enginelize is a local advertising agency. Early days,  I participating in discuss and design KV ( and its extension ), website,DM, posters,  brochure
and icon etc. Based on client’s brief  and then design FA based on layout which customer confirmed.
Finally, pitch with other companies based on customer’s requirements.




Mazda is one of the client. They envision cars existing sustainably with the earth and society,
they will continue to tackle challenges with creative ideas.
We do some work and events in east of China.



Karryauto is one of the client. As one of Chery’s strategic brand, Karryauto focus on creating super micro-car.
We do some work for Karrytruck like event, kv, brochure, posters etc.



Sanxiao toothbrush is Colgate Sanxiao company’s famous toothbrush brand.
Now Sanxiao cooperate with PopCap together publish “PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES” series toothbrush.
They want to increase reputation by this event. I‘ll show some good cases below.